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After-sale service
Date: 2016-10-13
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Service advantages

The domestic offices are Beijing,Shanghai,Nanjing,Chongqing,Jinan,Wuhan,Shenyang,Fuzhou etc.

The foreign offices are Vietnam (Hu Zhiming city), Philippines (Manila), Malaysia (Kuala Lump),Australia (Sydney), South Africa * (Cape Town), Nigeria (Lagos), Spain (Madrid), Brazil (St Paul), Chile (Santiago) etc. The offices hold a large number of spare parts, fast radiation surrounding areas and countries.

There have after sales engineers in the offices and to professionally and efficiently deal with problems for users.

After sales engineers are good at the maintenance of Refrigeration system,electric system and mechanical system,they can fast resolve the problems within 12hrs.

Offices store maintenance tools and vulnerable parts long time.


Service concepts

Our Company hold the lectures of Equipment operation and maintenance for Customers every year,so that they can easily know of fault and treatment.

We can carry on the specialized subject training as customers’ requirements.

The engineer will tell you how to operate and get rid of faults after equipment installation.

After sales department inquiry and guide the situation of ice machine by telephone,email or scene.

The Maintenance have these: to clean the condenser and water supply system, to add lubricating oil for reducer, to check the blade if loose or not,to check the high voltage and low voltage of refrigeration system,to check electric control system etc.





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    Head office Tel:0086-755-29077 666
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